Hospital and aged care visiting hours

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Tuesday 05 January 2021
Restrictions on visitor numbers have been tightened given the emerging status of active COVID-19 cases in Victoria

*For latest state-wide COVID-19 restrictions and exposure sites go to the Victorian Government (DHHS) COVID-19 website:

*For information on local testing sites (respiratory clinics) go to Gippsland PHN:


Visiting Hours

10am-6pm when the screening desk is operational
Two visitors per patient for ONE hour only and only ONE visit per day.
Enter via the West Gippsland Hospital main entrance for in patient visits

Conditions of entry

All Visitors must:
• Not visit if they are unwell or awaiting the result of a COVID-19 test
• Not visit if they have been in a current DHHS reported hot spot or exposure site
• Be screened for signs of COVID 19 prior to entry
• Sanitise hands on arrival to the Hospital, when using lifts, stair rails and every time you enter or leave the patients room
• Wear a surgical mask, which will be provided to you
• Maintain 1.5m physical distance from others
• Follow staff instructions at all times
• Adhere to unit/department visitor limits where indicated

Visitor Limits by Unit/Department due to physical distancing requirements:

Consulting Suites

• Please contact Consulting Suite reception on 5623 0810 for advice on attendance of support person. Consulting Suites staff will advise via a text message prior to the appointment whether a support person can attend or not.

Day Surgery
• Patients only. Partner or support person can drop patient at Day Surgery but cannot wait in the hospital. They will receive a phone call when patient is ready to be collected from the hospital and they can return to Day Surgery to pick up patient for discharge.

Emergency Department

Adults: One carer or support person may accompany an adult to the Emergency Department. 
Children: Two parents or carers/guardians may accompany a child to the Emergency Department and stay with the child

End of Life Care
• Two (2) visitors, no time limit

HITH / Pre-admission /Oncology/Haemodialysis
• One (1) support person during the episode of care/appointment if social distancing can be maintained

Maternity Unit
Birth suite - Limit to two (2) support persons in Birth suites for duration of labour
Post Natal - Limited to partner at any time from 10am. Must leave by 8pm
One other nominated visitor for no more than 1 hour each day
(Note: Day of discharge partner can enter from 8am to facilitate timely discharge)

Medical and Surgical Unit
• Limited to two (2) visitors per patient for one hour per day
• Visiting children must be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times

Under 18 – Paediatric /Special Care Nursery/Child & Adolescent
• Unlimited access 24 hrs per day for the nominated parent, guardian or carer
• One other nominated visitor for no more than 1 hour each day
• One parent, guardian or carer may stay overnight

Outlying areas/buildings such as Allied & Community Health Community/CRC/District Nursing
Visitors may be screened locally by the reception or care staff at these sites
Visitors are not required to enter the main hospital building

Arrangements to meet the needs of child patients and those with special needs can be arranged via the Nurse in Charge or Hospital Coordinator.
Individual visiting arrangements to meet the needs and changing circumstances of patients can be made by arrangement and agreement between the manager/nurse in charge/hospital coordinator and family members.


One (1) visitor, once a day for 2 hours.

• All visitors must continue to be screened and sign a written declaration prior to entry to Aged Care facilities
• Face shields/eye protection goggles and a mask are to be worn at all times
• Maintain a 1.5 metre distance from staff and residents when in the facility

Visiting Hours Andrews House
To facilitate screening processes, visitor access to Andrews House will be available:
  • Monday to Friday 10 am - 6pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 11am – 3pm
Visiting Hours Cooinda Lodge
To facilitate screening processes, visitor access to Cooinda lodge will be available daily from:
  • 9am - 6pm
  • All visitors must enter via the West Gippsland Hospital entrance

Conditions of Entry into aged care facilities at WGHG

• 'Normal’ visitors: Where the visitor is the parent, guardian, partner, carer or support person of the resident, and the person's visit is for the purpose of providing emotional, cultural, spiritual or social support to the resident that cannot reasonably be provided by that person via electronic or other non-contact means  - One (1) visitor at any time, once per day for a maximum of 2hrs

Essential care persons: Visitor’s presence at the facility is for the purposes of providing essential care and support necessary for the resident's physical wellbeing that optimises the care and support delivered by workers at the facility and cannot reasonably be provided by that person via electronic means - One (1) visitor, no time limit

Essential behaviour assistance person: Visitor’s presence at the facility is necessary to support individual behaviours of concern, such as for people living with dementia, cognitive impairment or cognitive disability, or who have a known or emerging serious mental illness -no time limit

End of life2 visitors, no time limit

Visitor is being assisted to handover care for discharge - max 2 hrs
Visitor is viewing facility as a potential site to live in - max 2 hrs
Interpreters or informal language support - no time limit

Individual visiting arrangements to meet the needs and changing circumstances of residents will be by arrangement and agreement between the manager/nurse in charge and family members.