Role of the General Practitioner (not available)
Dr Iain Nicolson (General Practitioner, Sale Medical Centre)
GRICS 2015 Lung Cancer Conference Presentation 
Vicki Hamilton (CEO/Secretary, Asbestos Council of Victoria)
Challenges of Lung Cancer Diagnosis
Dr Howard Connor (Chief  Medical Officer, Central Gippsland Health Service)

Challenges in Making the Diagnosis
Dr Kelvin Stribley (Clinical Director of Radiology, Central Gippsland Health Service) 
Screening for Lung Cancer (TBC)
Dr Shafaet Jamil (Medical Oncologist, Latrobe Regional Hospital)  
Pathology of Lung Cancer
Dr Philip Jayasurya (Dorevitch Pathology, Latrobe Regional Hospital)  
FDG PET/CT Staging of Lung Cancer
Dr Shakher Ramdave (Clinical Head, Nuclear Medicine and PET, Monash Medical Centre - Moorabbin)   
Management of Early Stage Cancer
Mr Adam Zimmet (Cardiothoracic Surgeon, The Alfred)   
Surgeons Role in Symptom Management
Assoc. Prof. Cliff Choong (Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Latrobe Regional Hospital)    
Radiotherapy in Locally Advanced and Metastatic NSC Lung Cancer
Dr Raj Hegde (Consultant Radiation Oncologist, William Buckland Radiotherapy Centre)     
Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma: is it worth Treating?
Dr Peter Briggs (Medical Oncologist, Monash Health)    
Quality in Lung Cancer Care: The VLCR Pilot Initial Report
Assoc. Prof. Rob Stirling (Respiratory Consultant, Alfred Health; VLCR Principal Investigator and Steering Committee Chair)     
But I Can See Him Suffering
Jenny Turra (Nurse Practitioner Palliative Care, Latrobe Community Health Service)