Gippsland Regional Integrated Cancer Services (GRICS) was formed in October 2004 in response to recommendations by the Department of Human Services in its report Cancer Services Framework for Victoria 2002 (CSFV). The GRICS program was one of nine Integrated Cancer Services (ICS) established under the CSFV reform framework.


With the exception of the statewide specialist ICS focusing on paediatrics, ICS’s were geographically organised around existing Department of Health and Human Services networks comprising regional hospital clusters and associated health services involved in the delivery of cancer services. Focusing on areas of integrated cancer care and referral practices the ICS model aimed to: 
Build relationships between providers, health services and settings; 
Improve cancer care through quality improvement processes; and  
      Improve access, appropriateness and availability of cancer services. 

The GRICS program was implemented as a joint venture involving 16-health service providers across the Gippsland region with Latrobe Regional Hospital acting as host agency. Under its governance structure, GRICS holds no direct authority over its member agencies working instead to achieve improved service outcomes by fostering strong working relationships with its membership and stakeholders.